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Boutique Hotels Markham - Boutique hotels would often offer a warm surroundings along with a stylish appearance and impeccable amenities. These hotels are usually not affiliated with a chain. Boutique hotels are usually known as lifestyle hotels or design hotels. This hotel trend began in North America during the nineteen eighties. Several major cities have boutique hotels providing over 100 rooms, whilst some are very charming and small and feature single digit rooms to those less than one hundred.

Some of the very first boutique hotels comprise the Bedford, a San Francisco hotel, the Hotel Village Court within San Francisco, the Blake`s Hotel within South Kensington and the Morgan`s Hotel, situated in Murray Hill, New York.

There is no real exact definition of a boutique hotel because these hotels might be a historic building whilst others are more trendy. They will likely be set with a particular theme, or made with a unique design or architecture. Normally, a boutique hotel is known for some details such as service, target market and design. It is popular for boutique hotels to be themed. Different hotels attempt to provide a unique experience by either providing theme rooms or choosing an overall hotel theme.

Anybody can enjoy the luxury of a boutique hotel. For example, they can be likewise enjoyed by business travelers, families on vacation or honeymoon couples. The typical age target market for nearly all boutique hotels is approximately twenty five to fifty five age range. A lot of these hotels cater to upper income level or middle class. Several boutique hotels appeal to the corporate traveler who will be back and hence, provide the hotel a repeat business. They hope that these repeat customers will refer other customers and offer regular business on a year round basis compared to a specific season.

One of the key factors which set a boutique hotel apart is their level of personalized service. The objective for a boutique hotel is to offer an extreme level of customer service which might not be provided in a larger hotel. In many boutique hotels, the employees might know the visitors by their names. Some are known to provide bathrobes, the elegance of canopy beds and fireplaces. Most provide 24-hour guest services. There might be bookstores and gift shops on-site as well as choices of healthy food and alternatives to relax the mind and body, like spa and massage services.

There are a variety of features which differ with boutique hotels. For instance, some focus on offering a calm and soothing, quiet surroundings, while others present a wealth of technological amenities. The concept of bed and breakfast might be similar to that of the boutique hotel. Many of the boutique hotels offer delectable dining facilities and may have bar and lounge places that are also open to the public. It seems to be a trend that continues to grow, with numerous hotels which are old and new advertising themselves as being boutique. Searching for deluxe and quaint accommodation all-around the world, the boutique hotels provide a different approach to travel.

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Markham provides numerous attractions to visitors and tourists, like for example Heintzman House, Frederick Horsman Varley Art Gallery, Reesor Farm Market, Markham Heritage Estates, Cathedral of the Transfiguration, Thornhill village, Main Street Markham, Main Street Unionville, First Markham Place and Market Village, Forsythe Farm, and Milne Dam Conservation Park. Main Street Unionville provides more than seventy fashion boutiques and stores, fine dining restaurants, heritage festivals, outdoor summer concerts, and art galleries. Main Street Markham offers heritage and cultural festivals, pubs, restaurants, and farmers' market to tourists and locals alike. First Markham Place and Market Village is situated at the corner of Steeles Avenue and Kennedy Road, and it has two shopping complexes: Market Village within Markham and the Pacific Mall...