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Markham Hotels Cheap - The person or people working at the hotel front desk is the hotel receptionist. Upon arrival of guests, their duty is to greet the guest and deal with problems which may arise while they stay at the hotel. Sometimes the hotel receptionists are called front desk clerks. The majority of hotels prefer that their receptionists have the equivalent of a high school diploma, however, several may prefer they have an associate's degree in business or hotel management.

In a typical day of work, a hotel receptionist would most likely take reservations when prospective visitors call or answer any queries they may have. They would need to be sufficient at maintaining records and maybe even make and use a filing system. It is vital that the hotel receptionist could keep their work place tidy since it is the very first area a visitor would see when they enter the hotel. As soon as the guest arrives, the receptionist will complete the check-in process by taking license plates, credit card and different personal info.

The receptionists other tasks would comprise assigning a guest with a room, explaining checkout times and policies, and will create a key. The receptionist will need to be familiar with debit and credit card machines, to be able to accept payments for visitors staying at the hotel. The receptionist will also need to set up a charge account for the visitors to utilize during their stay so they could charge stuff such as room service, mini-bar treats and phone calls to their rooms and pay for everything when checking out.

Guests could call down to the front desk or stop by when they have any queries or problems. The hotel receptionist is available for answering queries during the length of their stay. If the guest has any issues, the receptionist should be capable of handling the problem herself or be able to direct the guest to someone else like a manager to be able to solve the issue. Once the guests are ready to check out, the receptionist will accept and process final payment for their rooms and their services. This is a great time for the receptionist to be given any feedback from the guest and hear any suggestions, compliments or improvements.

To be able to be skilled in this position, hotel receptionists should have good math and computer skills. They have to be able to provide excellent customer service and strive to maintain rapport so they could hopefully see repeat business from contented clients. The hotel receptionist is often amongst the few hotel workers who interact with visitors during their stay; therefore, it is imperative that they represent the establishment properly. Numerous hotels offer 24 hour front desk service, and shifts could range significantly. Hotel receptionists could work part or full time and can eventually be promoted into a supervisory position if they excel doing their job.

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Markham provides numerous attractions to visitors and tourists, like for example Heintzman House, Frederick Horsman Varley Art Gallery, Reesor Farm Market, Markham Heritage Estates, Cathedral of the Transfiguration, Thornhill village, Main Street Markham, Main Street Unionville, First Markham Place and Market Village, Forsythe Farm, and Milne Dam Conservation Park. Main Street Unionville provides more than seventy fashion boutiques and stores, fine dining restaurants, heritage festivals, outdoor summer concerts, and art galleries. Main Street Markham offers heritage and cultural festivals, pubs, restaurants, and farmers' market to tourists and locals alike. First Markham Place and Market Village is situated at the corner of Steeles Avenue and Kennedy Road, and it has two shopping complexes: Market Village within Markham and the Pacific Mall...